Hot Days of the Year


Hello everyone!  I am feeling like it’s been forever since I’ve checked in and can’t believe it’s June already. This week has been a busy juggle of transitioning the kids, men’s and women’s to their summer programs and also some exciting potential improvements on the work front that I expect I can reveal with you all in the upcoming weeks!  In the meantime, now that it feels like summer has officially started, I’m here for all the laid-back summer vibes when it comes to be well dressed!

I’m all season crazy baby but when summer comes I enjoy wearing dresses and once the weather warms up, I am here for it!  The trendy dresses for summer are here already and the best part is, they’re much easier to incorporate into your existing attires shelve. There is no need to break the bank, you won’t accept where I have found today’s outfit from that I’m featuring: ATTIRES-HUB. It’s been a hot minute since I shopped at Attires-hub but actually I’ve been doing a double take every single minutes I see pieces from their ATTIRES-HUB. Not only is it on point when it comes to hitting the latest trends, but the quality of products and fits will definitely exceed your expectations. I’m so glad to be a part of Attires-Hub to share an incredibly outfit that checks off three of summer’s hottest trends and will have you rocking the summer season of sun to be stylish!


This summer season it’s all about the bold and light prints that bring on the summer vacation vibes. Think floral prints, palm leaves, and yes, all the bright colors!  I saw this beautiful Maxi’s and Lingerie’s and instantly fell in love. With five different color options to choose from, I do love that they are all variations on a semi-neutral color palette and pair easily with almost any skin tone people.

The smocked bodice is stretchy, forgiving, and incredibly flattering. The rough jean’s opening may just be my favorite subject, and I love that it gives a cool look by providing full coverage. Draping of the sleeves adds an elegant touch and even as someone who has bigger arms, I was initially wary that the sleeves might be too tight, but thankfully they’re not at all!  And while one suggestion did mention this dress being sheer, I personally didn’t find it to be see-through and am not wearing any sort of slip or Spanx underneath in case you’re looking at.

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